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Art Directors Guild, Local #800, I.A.T.S.E.

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All information listed on this page has been verified and supplied by Art Directors Guild, Local #800, I.A.T.S.E.

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The purpose of this page is verification of Scenic, Title, and Graphic Artists' classifications film/work history.

Local #800 information:

Art Directors Guild, Local #800, I.A.T.S.E.
11969 Ventura Blvd., Suite 204
Studio City, CA 91604
Telephone: (818) 762-9995
Fax: (818) 762-9997

Scenic Artist Classification
Graphic/Title Artist Classification

Scenic Artist Classification

Member Name
Production Date Position Production Designer
Bernard, Robert
Cats and Dogs 2000 Art Dept. Supervisor, Los Angeles James Bissel
I Am Sam 2001 Graphic Designer Aaron Osborne
Denering, Michael
The Green Mile 1999 Scenic Artist John LeCuir
What Dreams May Come 1998 Scenic Artist Eugenio Zanetti
6 Days 7 Nights 1997 Scenic Artist Michael Rivi
The Relic 1997 Scenic Artist Phillip Harrison
A Time To Kill 1996 Scenic Artist Larry Fulton
Waterworld 1995 Ld. Scenic Artist Dennis Gassner
Batman Forever 1995 Scenic Artist Barbara Ling
Flintstones 1994 Scenic Artist William Sandell
Congo 1994 Scenic Artist Michael Rivi
Jurassic Park 1993 Scenic Artist Rick Carter
The Shadow 1993 Scenic Artist Joseph Nemec III
Dave 1993 Scenic Artist Michael Rivi
Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992 Scenic Artist Thomas Sanders
Batman Returns 1992 Scenic Artist Bo Welch
Toys 1992 Scenic Artist Fernando Scarfiotti
Flatliners 1990 Scenic Artist Eugenio Zanetti
Die Hard 1988 Scenic Artist Jack DeGovia
The Lost Boys 1987 Scenic Artist Bo Welch
Lethal Weapon 1987 Scenic Artist Michael Rivi
Ghost Busters 1984 Scenic Artist John DeCuir
Giesecke-Stewart, Catherine
Man on the Moon 1998 Leadman Scenic Patrizia Von Brandenstein
George of the Jungle 1996 Scenic Artist Stephen Marsh/Kathryn Peters - Set Director
Heartless 1996 Art Director Bill Ryder
Haugo, Dale
Sweet November 2000 Ld. Scenic Artist Naomi Shohan
Any Given Sunday 1998/99 Ld. Scenic Artist Victor Kempster
Instinct 1997/98 Ld. Scenic Artist Garreth Stover
What Dreams May Come 1997 Ld. Scenic Artist Eugenio Zanetti
Flubber 1996/97 Ld. Scenic Artist Andrew McAlpine
A Smile Like Yours 1996 Ld. Scenic Artist Garreth Stover
The Ghost & The Darkness 1995/96 Ld. Scenic Artist Stuart Wurtzel
Casino 1994/5 Ld. Scenic Artist Dante Ferretti
Interview With The Vampire 1993 Ld. Scenic Artist Dante Ferretti
Natural Born Killers 1993 Ld. Scenic Artist Victor Kempster
Heaven And Earth 1992 Ld. Scenic Artist Victor Kempster
Made In America 1992 Ld. Scenic Artist Evelyn Sakash
JFK 1991 Ld. Scenic Artist Victor Kempster
The Doors 1990 Ld. Scenic Artist Victor Kempster
Come See Paradise 1989 Ld. Scenic Artist Geoffrey Kirkland
Cocoon II: The Return 1988 Ld. Scenic Artist Lawrence Paul
Leonard Part 6 1987 Ld. Scenic Artist Geoffrey Paul

Graphic/Title Artist Classification

Member Name
Production Date Position Production Designer
Austria, Doreen
Jerry Maguire 1996 Graphic Designer Steven Lineweaver
Titanic 1996 Graphic Designer Charles Lamont
Contact 1996/97 Graphic Designer Edward Verreaux
Truman Show 1997 Graphic Designer Dennis Gassner
The Other Sister 1997 Graphic Designer Steven Lineweaver
Babylon 5 1998/99 Graphic Designer John Iacovelli
Mission Impossible II 1999 Graphic Designer Tom Sanders
Untitled "Cameron Crowe" 1999 Graphic Designer Clayton Hartley
Burig, Susan
Three Kings Graphic Designer Catherine Hardwicke
Austin Powers Graphic Designer Rusty Smith
Bowfinger's Big Thing Graphic Designer Jack DeGovia
Life Graphic Designer Dan Bishop
Poodle Springs Graphic Designer Mark Friedberg
Players Graphic Designer Steve Wolf
Blackwood/X Files Graphic Designer Chris Nowark
The Odd Couple 2 Graphic Designer Dan Bishop
The Replacement Killers Graphic Designer Naomi Shohan
Mad City Graphic Designer Catherine Hardwicke
The Beautician and the Beast Graphic Designer Rusty Smith
Beverly Hills Ninja Graphic Designer Ninky Dalton
Kingpin Graphic Designer Sidney Bartholomew
Tankell, Adam
Uncle 03/2001 Graphic Designer Greg Keen
America's Sweetheart 01/2001 Graphic Designer Garreth Stover
Spiderman 12/2000 Graphic Designer Neil Spisak
Simone 11/2000 Graphic Designer Jan Roelfs
House of 1000 Corpes 07/2000 Graphic Designer Greg Gibbs
Drive Me Crazy 09/1998 Graphic Designer Aaron Osbourne
Vila, Alek
The X-Files 1998/00 Graphic Designer Corey Kaplan

Last Updated: 08/04/2008