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Safety Pass Program Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my work schedule or compelling personal circumstances prevent me from completing all of my required training by the deadline?

We recognize that certain extraordinary circumstances can arise, which would prevent you from completing your required training. (Examples of "Extraordinary Circumstance" would include verified Industry employment on distant location, or a verified medical disability or family emergency, which prevents you from working in the Industry.) To request an extension of your training deadline, you must submit a written request (2710 Winona Avenue, Burbank CA 91504 or via fax to 818-847-0070) in advance of your training deadline. You will need to provide written documentation to support your extension request. You may request an extension only for the length of time of the "extraordinary circumstance", so please be sure to pace your courses throughout your assigned training period. In addition to your written request, an appointment with the Manager of the Safety Pass Training Program may be necessary.

If an extension is granted, the Manager of the Safety Pass Training Program will provide you with written confirmation of your new training timeline.