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CSATTF Reimbursement Policy

This program, which is administered by Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund (the "Fund") on behalf of Industry employers, has been created to provide reimbursements to you (or payments to vendors) for certain eligible approved training expenses that you incur in connection with your employment.

This program is an accountable plan as provided in Internal Revenue Code Section 62(a)(2)(A) and the Treasury Regulations promulgated thereunder. To ensure that you (or the vendors providing you with training) receive prompt reimbursement for your eligible employment related expenses, you must meet several requirements.

You will need to provide the Fund with substantiation or proof that you, in fact, incurred the expenses for which you are receiving reimbursement (or for which the Fund is making payments to vendors). This substantiation must be submitted to the Fund within a reasonable time after the expense is incurred. For example, if you submit your substantiation within 45 days of incurring the expense or of completion of the training, whichever is later, that will be considered to be a reasonable time.

You will also need to return to the Fund any excess reimbursement that is made to you. In other words, if you discover that the Fund has paid you too much as a reimbursement, you must return the excess to the Fund within a reasonable time after you discover this error.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This reimbursement policy applies only to CSATTF-approved training programs conducted by CSATTF-approved training providers. Absolutely no reimbursements can be made for training costs incurred which were not approved by CSATTF in advance of training participation.

If you have any questions, please call the CSATTF at 818.847.0040 ext. 1260 and we will be happy to assist you.