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Dual Credential Substitute List

Due to an agreement between the Producers and the IATSE Local #884 – Motion Picture Studio Teachers & Welfare Workers, Contract Services maintains and administers the Teachers Availability List (found in the menu above), which includes the names of those qualified to serve as Studio Teachers on motion picture and television productions. We also administer the Dual Credential Substitute List, which includes individuals who have the same State of California teaching credentials and supporting documentation as those needed for presence on the Teachers Availability List but not the work experience and training within the motion picture and television industry.

It is important to note that, except in limited circumstances identified in the Letter of Understanding between Producers and Local #884, referrals are made from the Dual Credential Substitute List only when there are no qualified Studio Teachers available on the Teachers Availability List.

We perform monthly California Teaching Credential checks of each individual on the Teachers Availability List and Dual Credential Substitute List.

If you are interested in detailed information regarding securing placement on the Dual Credential Substitute List, please contact gro.f1685851173tasc@1685851173retso1685851173r1685851173, or call 818.565.0550 ext. 1110.