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Television Commercial Roster

The 1996 Television Commercial Agreement between the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes ("I.A.T.S.E.") and commercial production companies signatory thereto provides that an individual who works at least thirty (30) days in a job classification covered by the Agreement are eligible to have their names added to the Television Commercial Roster ("TCR"). Only employment with signatory commercial production companies is considered as qualifying employment experience for the purposes of placement on the TCR. Additionally, all qualifying experience must have been worked during the 365-day period immediately preceding the date of application for TCR placement. 

Placement Process: CSATF processes applications for placement and determines TCR placement eligibility. Applications for the TCR must be submitted to CSATF with payroll and production records and/or employer letters verifying employment. To assist you in requesting that employment verification letters be sent to CSATF on your behalf, please refer to the Payroll Company Contact Sheet. Also, you are welcome to complete the Television Commercial Roster Application and submit it to CSATF via mail, in person or email at

Please note: Once you have accrued at least thirty (30) work days, do not delay in applying for placement on the TCR. CSATF will only consider employment experience with signatory commercial production companies within the 365-day period immediately preceding the date of application for placement. 

Advancement to the Industry Experience Roster: Placement on the Television Commercial Roster means that you may work on commercials only. However, individuals whose names have been placed on the TCR are thereafter eligible to apply for placement on the Industry Experience Roster applicable to their job classification once they have accrued an additional 60 work days under the Television Commercial Roster. CSATF administers the Industry Experience Roster and requires verification of the additional work days on which such eligibility for placement is based. 

Television Commercial Roster by Local: Only the following Locals have listings on the Television Commercial Roster.

  • Local #44 - Affiliated Property Craftspersons
  • Local #80 - Motion Picture Studio Grips
  • Local #600 - International Photographers of the Motion Picture & Television Industries
  • Local #695 - Production Sound Technicians
  • Local #700 - Motion Picture Editors Guild
  • Local #700S - Screen Story Analysts
  • Local #705 - Motion Picture Costumers
  • Local #706 - Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists
  • Local #728 - Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians
  • Local #729 - Motion Picture Set Painters
  • Local #800 - Art Directors Guild
  • Local #871 - Script Supervisors
  • Local #884 - Studio Teachers & Welfare Worker