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Our History/Timeline

A Note About Our Name

In the mid-1960s, the major film studios, in negotiations with Hollywood’s unions, founded the nonprofit Contract Services Administration Trust Fund to administer apprenticeship and other training and safety programs, maintain seniority rosters, and carry out other industry-wide services, studies or education. Our name, while straightforward and descriptive, was lengthy for an industry prone to the use of acronyms. As such, we have been referenced throughout much of our history as CSATF/CSATTF (the second “T” stands for training), a dual abbreviation that represents our administration and training identities. Today, we are simply known as Contract Services.

CSATF – Established in 1965
CSATTF – Established in 1994

Historical Timeline Points

  • 1965CSATF (Administration Trust Fund) founded

  • 1965Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee founded

  • 1991California requires all employers to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

  • 1994CSATTF (Training Trust Fund) founded

  • Mid-1990sCal/OSHA is presented concept of an industry-wide training program

  • Late-1990sManagement and labor collaborate to develop a safety “passport” program

  • 2003Ingrid Lohne hired as Safety Pass Director

  • 2003Safety Pass 2-year timeline begins

  • 2005Ingrid Lohne appointed Contract Services Executive Director (later named Chief Administrative Officer)

  • 2009Contract Services relocates to 2800 Winona Ave., Burbank

  • 2012Passcard is introduced, replacing the Safety Passport (which remains valid)

  • 2015Contract Services celebrates its 50-year milestone

  • 2016Contract Services moves to 2710 Winona Ave.

  • 2016Contract Services exceeds one million hours of Safety Pass training

  • 2017Technology push results in launch of online harassment prevention courses, additional safety courses, and kiosks

  • 2017 First Contract Services Annual Report

  • 2019 Contract Services launches new website

  • 2019 David Gross appointed Contract Services Chief Executive Officer

  • 2020Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee releases “Return-to-Work” White Paper

  • 2022 CS Access Mobile App launched on Google Play and Apple App Store

  • 202320th Anniversary of Safety Pass!

  • 2023Contract Services launched the Industry Hub and self-service Portal