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Learn More About the Hub!

The Industry Hub has arrived! The Hub is a new online tool that provides easy access to important information in one place and simplifies the Contract Services experience for tens of thousands of Industry Professionals working in the motion picture and television industry.

Inspired by the user-friendly interface of the CS Access mobile app, the Hub replaces the Online Roster and is the gateway to a new Portal experience for Industry Professionals with access to our services.

Use the Hub to Search Roster and Training Records

The Industry Hub replaces the Online Roster (est. 2004) as the primary way to search the roster and training records of nearly 60,000 Industry Professionals working under the IATSE Basic Agreement and West Coast Studio Local Agreements and the Basic Crafts Agreements. Use the Hub to search the Industry Experience Roster, the Local #884 Teachers Availability List, Dual Credential Substitute List, and the training records of many Industry Professionals in “non-roster” classifications. You can also use it to search Industry Professionals placed on the IATSE Television Commercial Roster (TCR). (Click here to learn more about the populations we serve.)

A New Portal for Industry Professionals

Keeping up with Contract Services requirements is now a lot easier! Using a brand-new Portal, Industry Professionals can apply for a roster, track their progress toward placement, and keep up with their classification and training requirements.

New to the motion picture industry? By creating a Portal account, you can start a new roster or training application, complete your application requirements, upload required documents and work experience information, and more! The new Portal makes the application process clear and easy to follow.

Industry Professionals who are already placed on a roster or eligible for Contract Services training can use the Portal to:

  • Manage their current classifications
  • Keep track of deadlines and other requirements
  • Enroll for training
  • Upload required documents (e.g., driver’s licenses or teaching credentials)
  • Upgrade to a new classification (if applicable)
  • Know when they’ll advance to Group 2 or Group 1 (for Local #399 classifications with grouping)

Learn more about how to use the Portal using the reference guides and video tutorials below.

Claim your New Portal Account!

If you’re an Industry Professional with an existing Contract Services Portal account, you’ll need to claim your new Portal account and set a new password. Check your email. If you already had an old Portal account, you should find an email with the subject line “Action Required - Welcome to the Contract Services Portal!” inviting you to claim your new account. (If you can’t find that email, please contact us.)

Create your password within 7 days of receiving the email. (After 7 days, the invitation will expire, and you’ll need to visit, select "Forgot your password?" and choose a new password to unlock your new Portal.)

If you’re new to the motion picture industry, visit and click “Create Account.”

User Guides & Video Tutorials Make It Easy!

Reference guides and video tutorials make it easy to learn how to use the Hub and Portal. See the resources below for more information.

Questions? Please contact us.


Quick Reference Guides

How to Claim Your Portal Account

Meet the Industry Hub & Your New Portal

How to Create a Portal Account and Complete an Application

How to Search for Industry Professionals


Video Tutorials

Create Your Account

Manage Your Application

Maintain Your Classification

Use Your Message Center