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Other Training

Harassment Prevention Training

In recent years, the motion picture industry Producers and various industry unions and guilds have agreed to make harassment prevention training mandatory for individuals working under their collective bargaining agreements and for placement on the Industry Experience Roster. Contract Services’ Harassment Prevention training course meets the standards of California, New York and federal law and helps to promote a safe and respectful work environment for production crews while reducing the number of incidents to which employers must respond. Click here for more information.

COVID-19 Prevention Training

In late September 2020, after months of a COVID-19 pandemic-related shutdown, the industry’s unions, guilds and studios negotiated COVID-19 Prevention Training as a requirement for individuals working under an IATSE West Coast Studio Local Agreement or Basic Crafts Agreement (i.e., those who reflect on Contract Services’ Industry Hub), those on a DGA Qualification List, and certain other individuals as part of the Return-to-Work Agreement. Within less than ten days following the fully executed Agreement, we launched the online C19 — COVID-19 Prevention Training course, which is optimized for mobile devices.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Training (RCAN)

The RCAN course provides an overview of the responsibilities of individuals who, depending on their job duties, may be required under California law to identify and report suspected child abuse and neglect. Click here for more information.

Hours of Service

Contract Services is now providing Hours of Service training, which is required for certain Local #399 classifications. This 2-hour online course covers the Hours of Service requirements under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Topics include the definitions of on-duty and off-duty time, understanding hour limits for each rule set, daily log components and examples, and common errors when filling in driver logs. Click here for more information.

Apprenticeship Programs

As it has since 1965, Contract Services also funds apprenticeship programs established by collective bargaining agreements between producers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local #40. Click here for more information.

Training Access for PEIs

Under the 2021 Producer–IATSE Basic Agreement, the Producers and the IATSE agreed to establish training requirements for “Prior-Experienced Individuals” (PEIs) who may be assigned to work on a production. Click here for more information.