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Other Training

As it has since 1965, Contract Services also funds apprenticeship programs established by collective bargaining agreements between producers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local #40.

In late September 2020, after months of a COVID-19 pandemic-related shutdown, the industry’s unions, guilds and studios negotiated COVID-19 Prevention Training as a requirement for individuals working under an IATSE West Coast Studio Local Agreement or Basic Crafts Agreement (i.e., those who reflect on Contract Services' Online Roster), those on a DGA Qualification List, and certain other individuals as part of the Return-to-Work Agreement. Within less than ten days following the fully executed Agreement, we launched the online C19 — COVID-19 Prevention Training course, which is optimized for completion on a mobile device, for CS Users (those who have a Contract Services Portal Account and/or reflect on Contract Services' Online Roster). A few weeks later, the course was made available to a broader group of production employees via our CS Training Referral Platform, which allows employers to refer Non-CS Users to take the C19 course. See our COVID-19 Prevention Training page for more information.