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Course Lists & Information

Contract Services training includes the introductory "A" — General Safety course, which covers such topics as injury and illness prevention, personal protection equipment, lifting safety, and hazard communication, and harassment prevention training ("HP1" or "HP2"), which assists individuals to identify behaviors that create or contribute to unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Once an individual completes the "A" course and harassment prevention training, and has qualified for any roster or training list, they are then eligible to take other courses, which impart safety information that is generic to all trades, and/or courses which offer both lecture and experiential instruction about a specific craft or technique, as well as the relevant safety issues.

All IATSE and Basic Crafts individuals who are listed (with all information current) on either the Industry Experience Roster or the Television Commercial Roster are eligible to participate in Contract Services training. In the event that an individual works in a job classification which does not have a Roster listing, the individual must meet certain minimum employment experience in the industry. Enrollment is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

How can I prove my roster and/or training compliance?

If you need to demonstrate proof of your roster or training compliance (e.g., to an employer), you have several options. Log into your Portal or the CS Access mobile app to download or email a copy of your Compliance Report. (To learn more about the Compliance Report or your Official Course Transcript, click here.)

Or, you may refer your employer to the Industry Hub to search publicly available roster and training records.

Will I receive a stipend for these classes?

Eligible industry employees who are not "on company time” — meaning they are not being paid by their industry employer for the time spent attending the class — may be able to receive a stipend for each hour of classification-specific training attended. Individuals taking online courses are asked to confirm whether they are being paid by their industry employer for the time spent taking the course during the enrollment process. For in-person courses, individuals are asked to confirm stipend eligibility at the time of check-in.

Will I have to retake courses?

Yes. Promoting workplace safety for the benefit of all industry professionals is a critical priority of the motion picture and television industry. Industry unions and Producers negotiated Refresher Training because they agreed that maintaining current knowledge of industry-related safety practices is important. Refresher Training is a requirement to retake required Contract Services courses on a periodic basis.