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Form I-9 Services

The bargaining parties to the IATSE Basic Agreement and/or Basic Crafts Agreements (viz. the AMPTP and the IATSE and Basic Crafts Local Unions) agreed to eliminate the Form I-9 as a roster placement requirement, effective July 1, 2020.

In response to the COVID-19 national emergency, the bargaining parties agreed to end the Form I-9 roster placement requirement early, effective March 31, 2020. Doing so will help to avoid in-person visits to Contract Services’ facility and the passing of physical paperwork between roster applicants or rostered individuals and Contract Services’ staff.

Accordingly, as of April 1, 2020, Contract Services will no longer be collecting Forms I-9. To the extent that your company may be relying on Contract Services’ Form I-9 records in order to satisfy your legal obligations, please be advised that you will no longer be able to do so beginning April 1, 2020. As of this date, all companies must comply with all relevant Form I-9 regulations independently and will no longer be able to rely on Contract Services to collect and re-verify Forms I-9 on their behalf.

For additional information, please refer to the Form I-9 Q&A button to the right.