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IATSE Television Commercial Roster

Per the Television Commercial Agreement between the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and commercial production companies, an individual who works at least thirty (30) days in a job classification covered by the Agreement is eligible to be placed on the IATSE Television Commercial Roster (TCR). Only work performed for a commercial production company which has signed this Agreement qualifies towards placement on the TCR. All qualifying experience must have been worked within the 365 days prior to completing the application process for TCR placement.

How to Search the TCR

To search for Industry Professionals on the TCR, visit the Industry Hub.

How do I apply for placement on the TCR?

You can apply for placement on the TCR through your Contract Services Portal. If you already have a Portal account, log into it to start a new TCR application. If you don’t have a Portal account, visit the Industry Hub to create one so that you can start a TCR application. (If you don’t have a computer or need help creating an account, please contact us for assistance.)

There are typically two steps to completing an TCR application:

  • Apply
    Once you apply for a classification through your Portal, you will receive an email with a link to complete and e-sign a TCR Application form.
  • Demonstrate Eligibility Through Work Experience

    Work experience is required in order to qualify for placement on the TCR.

    You may demonstrate your work experience by submitting an Employment Verification Letter (EVL) from your employer or payroll company verifying 30 qualifying days worked within the last year from the current date. To assist you in requesting that a payroll company send an EVL to Contract Services on your behalf, please contact your payroll company (Payroll Company Contact Sheet button to the right).

    Once the payroll company submits your EVL to Contract Services on your behalf, this will show in your Portal as received.

    You may also submit an EVL from your employer or payroll yourself by uploading the document to your Portal account.

    After you are placed on the TCR, you will have access to complete Contract Services training courses.

(Note that applying for placement on the TCR is a separate process from applying for union membership. Questions about union membership should be directed to the applicable union.)

Eligibility for placement on the Industry Experience Roster (IER): Individuals who qualify for placement on the IATSE TCR are eligible to apply for placement on the Film and Television Industry Experience Roster (IER) in the roster classification applicable to their job classification. Placement on the IER requires additional work experience. If you are placed on the TCR and wish to apply for placement on the IER, log into your Portal and select “Apply as New Classification” on your Dashboard.

Note that only the following IATSE local unions have classifications listed on the IATSE Television Commercial Roster.

  • IATSE, Local #44 (Property)
  • IATSE, Local #80 (Grips/Crafts Service & First Aid)
  • IATSE, Local #600 (Cinematographers Guild)
  • IATSE, Local #695 (Sound and Video)
  • IATSE, Local #700 (Editors Guild)
  • IATSE, Local #705 (Costumers)
  • IATSE, Local #706 (Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists)
  • IATSE, Local #728 (Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians)
  • IATSE, Local #729 (Set Painters and Sign Writers)
  • IATSE, Local #800 (Art Directors Guild)
  • IATSE, Local #871 (Script Supervisors)

How can I prove my roster and/or training compliance?

If you need to demonstrate proof of your roster or training compliance (e.g., to an employer), you have several options. Log into your Portal or the CS Access mobile app to download or email a copy of your Compliance Report. (To learn more about the Compliance Report or your Official Course Transcript, click here.)

Or, you may refer your employer to the Industry Hub to search publicly available roster and training records.