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Contract Services connects eligible industry employees with craft-specific skills training to enhance their proficiencies in such areas as graphic arts, digital editing and electrical design.

Individuals interested in participating in these training programs must satisfy certain eligibility requirements. Primarily, if you are listed (with all information current) on the Industry Experience Roster, the Television Commercial Roster, or Availability Lists, you are eligible to apply for these courses. In the event you work in a job classification that is not covered by the rosters, you must meet certain minimum employment experience in the industry.

Skills training is offered in partnership between Contract Services and other entities. Courses may be provided by Producers, a local union or a vendor. We have held tutorials to provide guidance and streamline the process for the submission of paperwork. We also host quarterly meetings with local unions throughout the year to seek feedback on the skills training program. Our Board of Trustees approves requests in January of each year. To be approved, submissions must directly enhance the skills of a craft.

Please note that Contract Services’ facilitation of skills training is not intended to expand, limit or in any way affect the scope of work covered by any collective bargaining agreement.