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Skills Training


Contract Services connects eligible industry employees with craft-specific skills training to enhance their proficiencies in such areas as graphic arts, digital editing and electrical design.

Skills training is offered in partnership between Contract Services and other training providers. Skills courses are categorized by their enrollment model (either “restricted” or “unrestricted”). This important distinction determines which procedures apply for reimbursement and other purposes. See the definitions below for more information.

Restricted Enrollment

Courses with “restricted enrollment” are offered only to Contract Services-eligible individuals (i.e., individuals on the Industry Experience Roster or who have mandatory training requirements with Contract Services). Unlike courses with “unrestricted enrollment,” these courses are not available to the public. Generally speaking, Industry Professionals do not pay out of pocket to attend these courses because Contract Services pays the training provider to put on the course specifically for the motion picture production industry.

Unrestricted Enrollment

Courses with “unrestricted enrollment” are open to the public, meaning they are not restricted to individuals working in the motion picture industry. (For example, they may be offered by a local community college.) Generally speaking, eligible industry employees pay out of pocket to attend these courses and may submit for reimbursement afterward. (See more about reimbursement policies below.)

Who is eligible for Skills Training?

Individuals interested in participating in skills training must satisfy certain eligibility requirements. Generally speaking, if you are listed on the Online Roster and compliant with all training and document requirements, you are eligible to apply for these courses. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us at gro.f1680134166tasc@1680134166gnini1680134166artsl1680134166liks1680134166 or 818.565.0550 ext. 1260.

How do I enroll?

Please see the list of available courses pertaining to each local union in the chart below. Note: you must first be pre-approved by filling out the Skills Training Application that corresponds with the type of training available to your local. Those who are pre-approved will receive an email letting them know they may enroll, along with additional enrollment instructions.

How do I get reimbursed for attending an Unrestricted Enrollment course?

For Unrestricted Enrollment courses, the fee to attend the course must be paid upfront by the Industry Professional, who must then submit for reimbursement by Contract Services. To request reimbursement, you must submit all of the following documents and information:

  1. the Unrestricted Enrollment Reimbursement Policy/Form (found in the box with the Pre-Approval Application and list of courses for each local within the Unrestricted Enrollment section);
  2. proof of payment;
  3. the institution’s invoice for the course; and
  4. proof of completion (e.g., a certificate of completion or transcript).

All four items must be sent via email to gro.f1680134166tasc@1680134166gnini1680134166artsl1680134166liks1680134166.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement, an Industry Professional must be working in the classification for which the course has been approved and must have received written pre-approval from Contract Services after completing an Unrestricted Enrollment Skills Training Application.

(Please note that upfront costs for Unrestricted courses may be substantial. See the training provider’s website for course costs prior to completing a Skills Training Application for pre-approval of reimbursement eligibility. If you are not pre-approved for reimbursement, you may not be reimbursed.)

The vendors and courses listed in the Restricted Enrollment and Unrestricted Enrollment columns are not affiliated with or endorsed by Contract Services. Contract Services approves skills training proposals made by local unions. Contract Services accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, error or omission arising from enrollment or participation in any of the courses listed.
Local Restricted Enrollment Unrestricted Enrollment

Pre-Approval Application

  • Live Online SketchUp Principles for Specialized Skills
  • Live Online SketchUp Advanced for Specialized Skills
  • Live Online History of Furniture and Ornament (HFO) - Part I
  • Live Online History of Furniture and Ornament (HFO) - Part II
  • Live Online Vectorworks Principles
  • Live Online Rhino Principles for Specialized Skills
  • Live Online Fusion 360 Advanced for Specialized Skills

Pre-Approval Application and Unrestricted Enrollment Reimbursement Policy/Form

  • Welding Certification & License Preparation
  • Intro. To Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Pre-Approval Application

  • Car mount
  • Camera Crane Hands On
  • Camera Dolly Operation
  • Exposure to Production Gripping and Setup
  • Intermediate Rigging and Motors
  • Working in the Ozone
  • Crafts Service Set Protection and Duties
  • First Aid CE for EMT-B
  • Wire Rope Training


Pre-Approval Application

  • Forklift Training
  • Passenger Endorsement
  • Commercial Drivers Refresher Training
  • Coupling and Uncoupling

Pre-Approval Application

  • Digital Video
  • Digital Audio
  • Fisher Boom Training
  • Communication Skills
  • Cable Clinic: Construction & Field Repair

Pre-Approval Application and Unrestricted Enrollment Reimbursement Policy/Form

  • Certified Avid Pro Tools
  • LSM-XT Basic Operational Training
  • IP Director Operational Training

Pre-Approval Application

  • Editing Foundations
  • Editing Nuts and Bolts
  • Editing Structure

Pre-Approval Application and Unrestricted Enrollment Reimbursement Policy/Form

  • Pro Tools 101
  • Pro Tools 110
  • Pro Tools 210P
  • Feature Film Assistant Editor Immersion 1.0
  • ACSR Avid Media Composer System Support Certification

Pre-Approval Application

  • The Decades 1
  • Historical and Contemporary Ethnic Costume Class 1
  • Computer Skills for the Costume Department 1
  • Live Online Historical and Contemporary Ethnic Costume Class 2
  • Live Online Historical and Contemporary Ethnic Costume Class 3
  • Live Online Photoshop Basics for the Costumers
  • Live Online Genres 1
  • Live Online Genres 2
  • Live Online 3D Printing Basics & Configuring Files
  • Live Online Illustrator Fundamentals

Pre-Approval Application

  • LED Assembly Technician 101
  • LED Assembly Technician 201
  • Soldering Lab 101
  • Soldering Lab 201
  • 480V Power Lab
  • Electricity 101A
  • DMX Networking 101
  • Ethernet Protocols 101A
  • Ethernet Protocols Lab (Hands-On)
  • ARTNetStreaming CAN-RDM (Lab)

Pre-Approval Application

  • Hand Lettering Sign Writing

Pre-Approval Application

  • Live Online Vectorworks Essentials
  • Live Online Architecture Drawings - Interior/Exterior Views
  • Live Online SketchUp Essentials
  • Live Online SketchUp Advanced
  • Live Online Construction Techniques for Set Design for Film and TV
  • Live Online Advanced Techniques for Working Drawing
  • Live Online Photoshop Advanced Techniques for the Art Department 1
  • Live Online Photoshop Advanced Techniques for the Art Department 2

Pre-Approval Application

  • Online Live Blender Fundamentals
  • Live Online Color & Composition
  • Live Online Photoshop Advanced
  • Live Online Character Posing for 2D Animators
  • Live Online Digital Painting
  • Live Online Designing for Animation
  • Live Online Painting Backgrounds
  • Live Online Storyboarding
  • Live Online Story Development and Outlining
  • Live Online Style for Character Design

Pre-Approval Application

  • Live Online Script Supervisors Concepts and Practices
  • Live Online Script Supervisor
  • Live Online Production Coordinator Basics
  • Live Online Writers Assistant Beginner
  • Live Online FileMaker Pro: Skarratt Templates
  • Live Online TV, Film Art Department Coordinator Basic
  • Live Online Commercial Art Department Coordinating Basics
  • Live Online Script Coordinator Beginner
  • Live Online Script Coordinator Intermediate
  • Live Online Script Supervisor: Multi Camera for Sitcom

Pre-Approval Application

  • Live Online CDG Photoshop Topics 1
  • Live Online CDG Illustrator Topics 1
  • Live Online Figure Drawing For the Costume Department 1
  • Live Online Head, Hand, and Costume Drawing
  • Live Online Costume Drawing
  • Live Online Costume Design
  • Live Online Drapery and Folds
  • Live Online Color and Light Theory

(Please note that Contract Services’ facilitation of skills training is not intended to expand, limit or in any way affect the scope of work covered by any collective bargaining agreement.)