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Safety Training


Our widely recognized Safety Pass program helps ensure that workers employed by industry employers meet industry safety standards as well as stringent regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Cal/OSHA and other government agencies.

Safety Pass training is contractually mandated in collective bargaining agreements applicable to many motion picture production employees working in the greater Los Angeles Area — specifically, employees working under the IATSE Basic Agreement, the IATSE Videotape Electronics Supplemental Agreement, or an agreement covering one of the “Basic Crafts” (namely, IBEW, Local #40; Plumbers, Local #78; Teamsters, Local #399; Studio Utility Employees, Local #724; and Plasterers, Local #755). Safety Pass training is also required of certain employees working under the DGA Basic Agreement or DGA Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement who appear on a DGA Qualification List. Certain safety courses are also required of Stunt Coordinators working under the SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic and Television Agreements.

Because of those contractual mandates, Contract Services trains a workforce of nearly 60,000 individuals, but the training program is also available in different circumstances to employees working in other jurisdictions. (For example, individuals working under the IATSE Area Standards Agreement are eligible to take certain Safety Pass courses.)

In total, the Safety Pass program consists of more than 30 training courses specifically developed for the motion picture industry that cover a wide range of topics, including general safety, hazard communication, firearm safety, lighting safety, and respiratory protection, among many others. Individuals working under certain collective bargaining agreements are required to take specific courses that pertain to their craft.

This training program creates a common safety framework for a freelance workforce and also serves as the foundation for additional on-set training that employers may provide during a given production. The majority of Safety Pass courses are available online, although there are some courses, such as fall protection, rigging, and forklift operation, that are taught in person at our training facility in Burbank, California.