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Safety Training


Our widely recognized Safety Pass program ensures that workers employed by industry employers meet industry safety standards as well as stringent regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Cal/OSHA and other government agencies. We consider it a serious responsibility to ensure that production professionals are trained to a high and consistent standard in order to be as safe a production workforce as any in the world. This function continues to grow in order to keep up with training demands throughout the industry. Contractually mandated safety training is the single largest task we perform. We provide everything from the classroom and facility space to in-house design of course materials to the development of experienced workers as instructors. This training also serves as the foundation for additional employer-led training. Course offerings have grown from 21 courses in 2003 to 32 courses as of 2016. Topics include general safety, hazard communication, lighting safety, and respiratory protection, while our hands-on training courses teach fall protection, forklift operation safety, cribbing, rigging, and more.