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Industry Experience Roster

One of Contract Services most important functions is to administer and to maintain the Industry Experience Roster (IER). The IER lists the names of individuals who have acquired a certain amount of work experience (and, in some cases, additional requirements) within their specific craft as outlined in each of the local unions' collective bargaining agreements. The IER encompasses more than 125 job classifications represented by the IATSE and Basic Crafts unions. Individuals whose names appear on the IER may receive preference of employment, as producers signatory to the Basic Agreement and/or the Basic Crafts agreements utilize the IER as an employment resource.

The IER maintains listings for job classifications covered by the local unions listed below.

  • Local #44 - Affiliated Property Craftspersons
  • Local #78 - Plumbers and Pipe Fitters
  • Local #80 - Motion Picture Studio Grips
  • Local #399 - Studio Transportation Drivers
  • Local #399C - Location Managers
  • Local #600 - International Photographers of the Motion Picture & Television Industries
  • Local #695 - Production Sound Technicians
  • Local #700 - Motion Picture Editors Guild
  • Local #700S - Screen Story Analysts
  • Local #705 - Motion Picture Costumers
  • Local #706 - Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists
  • Local #724 - Studio Utility Employees
  • Local #728 - Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians
  • Local #729 - Motion Picture Set Painters
  • Local #800 - Art Directors Guild
  • Local #871 - Script Supervisors/Continuity, Coordinators, Accountants & Allied Production Specialists Guild

Placement Requirements: IER placement requirements are unique to the specific job classification for which you are applying. For example, placement requirements for the Driver job classification differ from the placement requirements for an Auto Mechanic, even though both classifications are listed on the IER for Local #399. For detailed criteria, you may refer to Paragraph 68 of the Local Agreement covering the desired job classification (Paragraph 62 for Local #399 and Paragraph 25 for Local #399C), or you may contact a roster specialist for further information at gro.f1620635657tasc@1620635657retso1620635657r1620635657, or call 818.565.0550 ext. 1110.

Placement Process: Contract Services processes applications for IER placement and determines IER placement eligibility. Applications for IER placement must be submitted to Contract Services and must be supported by payroll and production records and/or employer letters verifying employment. To assist you in requesting that employment verification letters be sent to Contract Services on your behalf, please refer to the Payroll Company Contact Sheet button to the right. Also, you are welcome to complete the Industry Experience Roster Application and submit it to Contract Services via mail, in person or email at gro.f1620635657tasc@1620635657noitp1620635657ecer1620635657. If it is discovered that additional documentation and/or information is needed to process your application, Contract Services personnel will contact you by letter. All Contract Services-approved applications for placement are subject to a review (and protest) process by the appropriate union. Listing on the IER will not occur under any circumstance until all placement requirements are satisfied and verified by Contract Services, and placement procedures have been completed in their entirety. Under normal circumstances, the complete process takes approximately six weeks.

For the purpose of clarification: Applying for IER placement is a separate and distinct process from applying for union membership. Additionally, applying for IER placement does not automatically trigger union membership or vice-versa. It is your responsibility to initiate BOTH procedures.