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Local #800 Training Series

Set Designer Training Series

Pursuant to the Local #800 agreement, a Junior Set Designer wishing to upgrade to the classification of Set Designer on the Industry Experience Roster is required to complete the Set Designer Training Series, consisting of six classes totaling 24 hours of instruction, in addition to satisfying the work experience requirements set forth in Paragraph 68(a)(1). This training series is administered by Contract Services.

In order to receive credit for a class, you must attend the entire class. Arriving late and leaving early will not be tolerated. You will be required to sign in and out of each class. If you arrive to class after the sign-in sheet has been removed, if you leave class before the sign-out sheet is placed out, or forget to sign in or out, you will be considered absent, and will be required to make up the class. If you miss a class, or forget to sign in or out, you will be required to make up the class during a future series, if and when space is available. A private lesson with a course instructor is not considered a make-up class.

If a work schedule or compelling personal circumstance will prevent you from attending a class, please notify Contract Services immediately. You must notify Contract Services in writing, in advance of being absent, of your desire to have an excused absence. You will need to provide documentation to support your excused absence request. Examples of documentation may include a doctor’s note or valid proof of employment, such as a letter from your employer with a production report. Please be advised that approval of an excused absence is subject to determination by the Director. Side jobs will not be considered as an excused absence, unless verification can be provided that the side job was to the start of the current series.

If you miss any class without prior approval from Contract Services, $25 will be deducted from your refund for each missed class, and a new deposit will be required when making up classes in future training series.

Although these seminars are not graded, in order to receive credit for a class you are expected to participate to the fullest degree.

This program is only available to individuals CURRENTLY listed on the Local #800 Industry Experience Roster as Junior Set Designers.