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Training Referral Platform

Motion picture and television industry employers may purchase access to certain Contract Services online training courses for their employees who do not already have access to Contract Services-provided training. At this time, the courses available through the Training Referral Platform are:

  • A — General Safety and Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
  • A2 — Environmental Safety
  • B5 — Traditional Insert Car Safety
  • C19 — COVID-19 Prevention Training
  • Harassment Prevention Training (1-hour and 2-hour)
  • RCAN — Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Training
  • S — Firearms Safety for the Entertainment Industry
  • Z1 — Location Safety
We will be adding additional courses to the Referral Platform in the future.

Who is the Training Referral Platform for?

Eligible employers can use the Training Referral Platform to assign training to their employees who do not otherwise have access to Contract Services training (generally speaking, that means anyone who is not on the Industry Hub, on a DGA Qualification List or working under the IA Area Standards Agreement).

How do employers register for access to the Training Referral Platform?

Interested employers should click the button to the right to complete an application for a Training Referral Platform administrator account.

Contract Services reserves the right to determine whether the employer requesting an account is eligible to use the Training Referral Platform and may request additional information from the employer to make this determination if necessary.

Once the employer has been approved for an account, they will receive an email with their login instructions. Future logins to the account can be made by clicking the TRP Login button to the right.

How does the Training Referral Platform work?

The Training Referral Platform is a self-service portal that allows you, as employers, to purchase and manage the training you assign to your employees on a pay-per-play basis. The basic process is this:

  1. An employer representative must first register for an Administrator Account. (Administrator Accounts are limited to employers in the motion picture industry.)
  2. Administrators can then use the Training Referral Platform to purchase and assign training to their company’s employees by entering the email addresses of the employees they wish to assign training. (To assign multiple employees at once, employers may upload a .csv file.)
  3. The Platform then sends each employee an email informing them their employer has enrolled them in training. From that email, they can click a link to launch the training.
  4. After completing a course, the employee will receive a completion certificate by email. Employers with Administrator Accounts can also log into the Platform to see which employees have completed the training and which have not.

How long does each course take to complete?

The length of each course offered through Training Referral Platform varies and can be found on the Course Description document.

What if a trainee cannot complete the online training in one sitting?

Trainees don’t need to complete online training in one sitting. They can stop the course and log out at any time. When they return, they will resume where they left off. However, we recommend trainees finish their courses in as few sessions as possible, because their progress may be lost or reset as part of a course update or system maintenance, which could cause the course to start at the beginning.

If a trainee leaves the online course, how do they log back in?

Trainees can use the link in the email they received from the Training Referral Platform to create their account and then access the course for the first time. To re-access the course once they have created their account, trainees can click the TRP Login button found to the right.

What is the cost?

Current pricing is $10.00 per course enrollment. Pricing is subject to change.

At this time, payment via credit card or PayPal account can be accepted through the Training Referral Platform.

Additional questions about the Training Referral Platform may be directed to gro.f1721022879tasc@1721022879prt1721022879 or by calling 818.565.0550 ext. 1263.