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Harassment Prevention

Industry-Wide Harassment Prevention Training

For decades, the major studios have provided their employees with training to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace. In recent years, the motion picture industry Producers and various industry unions and guilds have agreed to make harassment prevention training mandatory for individuals working under their collective bargaining agreements and for placement on the Industry Experience Roster (IER).

Contract Services’ Harassment Prevention training was created specifically to fulfill this mandate for the motion picture industry. It consists of numerous modules depicting real-world scenarios encountered in the motion picture and television industry and is interspersed with knowledge checks throughout to ensure comprehension of the material.

The Harassment Prevention course content meets the standards of California, New York and federal law and helps to promote a safe and respectful work environment for production crews while reducing the number of incidents to which employers must respond.

Because the course is online, motion picture industry workers can complete this training requirement from anywhere. Since it is recognized by all of the major studios (like Contract Services’ Safety Pass program), it avoids the duplication of asking a freelance workforce to complete multiple versions of the same training as they move from one production job to the next.

Course Descriptions:

HP1 — Harassment Prevention 1 (1 hour)

(Online course)

Intended for individuals without supervisory responsibilities, HP1 teaches individuals to identify and report behaviors that create or contribute to unlawful discrimination and harassment through the use of live-action, industry-themed vignettes with accompanying questions and learning points. The course also addresses issues of harassment in the following areas:

  • Non-verbal harassment
  • Gender-related harassment
  • Working in a creative environment
  • Production and filming of sensitive scenes
  • Harassment by those in a position of power
  • Use of social media
  • Appropriate behavior at after-hours events

HP2 — Harassment Prevention 2 (2 hours)

(Online course)

Intended for individuals with supervisory responsibilities, HP2 builds on the content of HP1 with an additional hour of vignettes and content. Topics that are further discussed in HP2 include:

  • Consensual relationships at work
  • Handling harassment complaints
  • Liability and damages
  • Harassment between two individuals in positions of power
  • Supervisory responsibilities at after-hours events

Who is required to take the HP course?

Currently, employees working under the following motion picture industry collective bargaining agreements are required to complete either HP1 or HP2:

  • The IATSE Basic Agreement or an IATSE West Coast Studio Local Agreement;
  • The IATSE Videotape Electronics Supplemental Agreement;
  • The Animation Guild, Local #839, Agreement;
  • A Basic Crafts Agreement (Locals #40, #78, #399 [the “Black Book”], #724 or #755);
  • The Teamsters, Locals #399 and #817 Casting Directors Agreement; and
  • The Teamsters Local #399, Location Managers Agreement.

The training is also required for Stunt Coordinators working under the SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic Agreement and Television Agreement.

Employees working under the DGA Basic Agreement or Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement (FLTTA) who appear on a DGA Qualification List (QL), or those who are associate directors or stage managers, are eligible to take the training.

Additionally, employees working under the IATSE Area Standards Agreement (ASA) are eligible to complete either HP1 or HP2.

How do individuals access the course?

Individuals who reflect on Contract Services’ Industry Hub and/or who have a Portal account, including those who appear on a DGA Qualification List (as a UPM or AD, for example) and SAG-AFTRA-represented Stunt Coordinators, may access HP training via their Portal account as they do for other Contract Services-provided training.

Individuals working under the IATSE Area Standards Agreement (ASA) who have a Portal Account through the IATSE Training Trust Fund (IATTF) may access the course via their IATTF Portal.

How often must this course be taken?

Consistent with California law, the Harassment Prevention course must be completed every two years. Other jurisdictions may have differing frequency requirements.

How can I prove my roster and/or training compliance?

If you need to demonstrate proof of your roster or training compliance (e.g., to an employer), you have several options. Log into your Portal or the CS Access mobile app to download or email a copy of your Compliance Report. (To learn more about the Compliance Report or your Official Course Transcript, click here.)

Or, you may refer your employer to the Industry Hub to search publicly available roster and training records.

I am an employer. How can I make Contract Services’ Harassment Prevention course(s) available to my other employees?

Eligible industry employers may purchase access to Harassment Prevention training for their employees who do not otherwise have access to Contract Services training. See the Training Referral Platform page for more information.