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Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Training (RCAN)

The RCAN course provides an overview of the responsibilities of individuals who, depending on their job duties, may be required under California law to identify and report suspected child abuse and neglect.

This one-hour, mobile-friendly course was launched in 2022 to help Producers comply with California legal requirements.

The course is a requirement for Local #884 Studio Teachers and Local #80 First Aid classifications and may be required of other classifications in some cases.

For industry professionals with access to Contract Services training, the RCAN course can be completed via their Portal account or the CS Access mobile app. Log into your Portal by clicking the Portal Sign-In button to the right.

Eligible industry employers may also purchase the course to assign it to other employees using the Contract Services Training Referral Platform. Click the link to learn more.

How can I prove my roster and/or training compliance?

If you need to demonstrate proof of your roster or training compliance (e.g., to an employer), you have several options. Log into your Portal or the CS Access mobile app to download or email a copy of your Compliance Report. (To learn more about the Compliance Report or your Official Course Transcript, click here.)

Or, you may refer your employer to the Industry Hub to search publicly available roster and training records.