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Local #399 Substance Testing Program

Under the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules, all drivers who operate a commercial motor vehicle, as defined in 49 CFR §382.107 (which requires a driver holding a commercial driver’s license or “CDL”), are subject to the Drug and Alcohol testing requirements in 49 CFR Parts §§40 and 382, including random substance testing. (See 49 CFR §383.3).

Contract Services acts as a Consortium/Third-party administrator (C/TPA) for testing the Industry Professionals working under the Studio Transportation Drivers, Local #399 Agreement. Our Substance Testing Program (STP) staff help Producers track and manage compliance with DOT and FMCSA drug & alcohol testing requirements, including administering required tests, managing the random testing pool, assisting with FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse requirements, providing annual testing summaries (MIS data collection), and other services. For additional information about Contract Services’ DOT Testing Program, please:

  • Refer to the “Paragraph 85.1” button to the right, which contains the requirements of the Testing Program under the Studio Transportation Drivers, Local #399 Agreement.
  • Review the "Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need to Know" booklet which is given to each individual upon his/her application to the Local #399 Industry Experience Roster.
  • Review the booklet “A Guide to DOT Testing Program Violations” button to the right.
  • If you are a Producer interested in joining the consortium, please contact gro.f1716488776tasc@1716488776MAET1716488776, or call 818.565.0550 ext. 1150.
  • For all other questions, please contact STP staff at gro.f1716488776tasc@1716488776gnits1716488776et1716488776, or call 818.565.0550 ext. 1140.

Important Note: To reiterate, Contract Services is responsible only for the testing of Industry Professionals whose names appear on the Producer’s Daily Hire List of covered employees and those on the Industry Experience Roster for the Studio Transportation Drivers, Local #399. If you suspect a driver on your crew is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, please report your concerns to the transportation coordinator, transportation captain, the unit production manager, or the appropriate company representative. If you suspect a crew member, other than a driver, is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, please report your concerns to the unit production manager and/or the appropriate company representative.

Unavailability/Availability Notification

While participating in the Substance Testing Program, you are assumed to be available to perform safety-sensitive functions unless you notify Contract Services otherwise. To make yourself unavailable, you must advise Contract Services, in writing, at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of your unavailability period. Why is it important to notify Contract Services? If you do not notify Contract Services of your unavailability as required and your name is selected for random controlled substance testing, then you must submit for testing.

To satisfy the requirements of Paragraph 85.1(e)(4)(ii)(E), including that the request be in writing, when making yourself unavailable, you have two options:

  • Send an email to gro.f1716488776tasc@1716488776gnits1716488776et1716488776 with the information below.
    1. Full legal name (as it appears on your driver license)
    2. Last 5 digits of your Social Security Number
    3. Unavailability period (beginning and end* dates)
    4. *If you do not know the end date of your unavailability period, you may provide it in writing later
  • Complete the Unavailability/Availability Notification form (button to the right) and submit to Contract Services by email, fax, mail, or in-person. If submitted by email, you will receive a confirmation that your request has been received. Mailed requests will be processed upon receipt.

Stipend Request

To request a stipend payment for when you are notified to proceed for a random drug test on a day when you are not employed by a Consenting Producer as specified under Local #399 Agreement Paragraph 85.1 (e)(4)(ii)(C), see the Stipend Acknowledgement button to the right.

Testing Facilities

Concentra is the primary testing facility provider for Contract Services. You can use the facility locator link to the right to find nearby facilities in your area or contact us at 818.565.0550 ext. 1140 or gro.f1716488776tasc@1716488776gnits1716488776et1716488776 for additional locations not listed on that site. Note that you cannot proceed to the facility for testing or other services without first obtaining the necessary authorization paperwork from Contract Services.

A Guide to DOT Testing Violations

This is a guide for commercial drivers working under the Producer – Studio Transportation Drivers, Local #399 Agreement (“the Black Book”) who experience a Department of Transportation (DOT) testing program violation. The precise rules governing the testing program are contained in Paragraph 85.1 of the Black Book and in Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations Parts §40 and §382 (found at: This Guide does not replace those rules, but we hope it will help clarify, in simple terms, what a violation means for you and what to expect if you experience one. See the Guide to DOT Testing Violations button to the right.

Local #399 Mental Health and Substance Use-Related Resources

If you think you may be experiencing an issue related to mental health, substance use or addiction, there are professional resources available to you. For more information, see the Local #399 Resources button to the right. If you are experiencing an immediate medical emergency, dial 911.